Effective as of September 10, 2021


When you use the Woman app, we are committed to safeguarding and protecting your personal information with your explicit consent. Our company policy prioritizes the protection of individual user data and privacy rights. This Privacy Policy aims to provide a clear understanding of the data we collect, how it is utilized, shared, and how users can control their information.

We encourage you to thoroughly read this Privacy Policy in conjunction with our Terms of Use. Here are key points to note:

1. Data Collection and Usage

a. Types of Data Collected:

   - Name

   - Email address

   - Gender

   - Date of birth

   - Password or passcode

   - Place of residence and associated location information

   - ID (for limited purposes)

b. Health and Well-being Information:

   - Menstrual cycle dates

   - Emotions related to menstrual cycle and health

   - Other health-related information (including sexual activities)

c. Automatically Collected Information:

   - Device Information:

      - Hardware model

      - Operating system information

      - Unique device identifiers

      - Mobile network information

      - Device storage information

   - Location Information:

      - IP address

      - Time zone

      - Mobile service provider information

   - App usage data:

      - Frequency of use

      - Areas and features visited

      - General use patterns

2. Purpose of Data Processing

a. Legal Basis:

   - Your consent

   - Contractual relations with us

   - Legitimate interest

   - Legal obligation

b. Principles of Processing:

   - Data minimization and purpose limitation

   - No sale of Personal Data

3. User Privacy Rights

a. Correction of Personal Data:

   - Users can request corrections to inaccurate Personal Data.

b. Restriction of Processing:

   - Users can request the restriction of processing if contesting data accuracy.

c. Information Rights and Access:

   - Users have the right to access, receive, and obtain a copy of their Personal Data.

d. Erasure of Personal Data:

   - Users may request the erasure of Personal Data under certain circumstances.

e. Right to Object:

   - Users can object to the processing of their Personal Data in specific cases.

4. How to Exercise Privacy Rights

Contact us at (hello@tooly.mn) to exercise any privacy rights.

5. Retention of Personal Data

a. During App Use:

   - Personal Data is retained as long as the account is active or needed for services.

b. After App Use:

   - Personal Data is retained for a reasonable period in case of reactivation.

c. Legal Obligations:

   - Certain data may be retained to comply with legal obligations.

6. Users Under 18 Years Old

If you are under 18, read this privacy policy with your parents or guardians. Parental consent is required when submitting personal information.